Our Pledge

Not all dance programs are created equally. We pledge to keep our classes as wholesome and captivating as possible.


We enjoy having students of different abilities in our classes. We do not want the beginner student to feel discouraged by difficult moves, and we don't want advanced students to feel bored by simple moves.

In order to keep all students interested, we frequently teach modified versions of dance moves that are easier or harder than the standard moves. We also like to incorporate sections of choreography that showcase small groups of dancers doing moves at their individual skill level.

During class, we make sure to take time to help individuals with sections of choreography or moves that they have questions about.


All of the music used in our studio falls into one of three categories: Christian,
Christian-friendly, or Educational.

Christian music is produced by Christian artists. This would include Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Praise & Worship music, etc. If a secular artist decides to produce a Christian song, even though the rest of their music is questionable, we will not use that artist's song.

Christian-friendly music is music purchased at a Christian store even though the lyrics may not be specifically Christian. An example would be toddler songs. You can find many toddler CD's at Christian stores that have songs like "Old MacDonald", "The Hokey Pokey", "The Ants Go Marching", etc.

Educational music is music that is specifically designed for dance classes. There are many ballet CD's on the market, and we frequently use those CD's in class.


Boys make amazing dancers; however not all teachers create gender-neutral choreography or use gender-neutral music. When we have boys in class, we promise to choose songs and dance moves that are gender-neutral or play up their masculinity.


When choosing costumes for recitals, we do our best to pay attention to modesty. We will never choose a costume that does not cover the midriff or that has excessively short bottoms. We also try to avoid skintight clothing; however there are times when skintight is appropriate (leotards for example).


We will not choreograph moves that are inappropriate or sexual in any way.